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Choose your pack from the following options (check out the quantity in each pack):

Anemone mixed – 100 bulbs

Ranunculus mixed – 100 bulbs

Freesia mixed – 50 bulbs

Hyacinth mixed – 15 bulbs

Daffodil mixed – 40 bulbs

Tulip mixed – 40 bulbs

For outdoor planting: They need a chilly start to kick them into action before planting! The bulbs require a winter-like chilling period to prepare them for their spring show. For the best blooms, careful cooling for just the right number of days, at tightly controlled humidity and temperatures is required. Store in the fridge for up to 6 weeks and plant before the end of May.

When planting, find a spot with soil that drains well, where it gets some early or late sun (not the hot midday kind!), plant 10cm below the surface and water well.

For indoor planting: Put the bulbs in the vase, with the bottom of the bulb touching water. Store in a cool dark place for 6-8 weeks (fridge is great, but don’t let it freeze!) Keep an eye on the water and once leaf tips emerge, put it in a sunny pozzie!

Always store in a paper bag or plastic bag with perforations so your bulbs can breathe!

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