Anemone st. brigid – Lord Lieutenant

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Pretty lacy foliage, double blue flowers, adorned with a dark button centre for stunning contrast. Anemone st. brigid – Lord Lieutenant have a nice scent, attract butterflys and are wonderful for cut flowers.

Ridiculously easy to grow, they flower from winter to late spring. With very little effort, Anemones can reward you with up to 6 months flowering time by stagger planting. For best results, they should be chilled for 5-6 weeks prior to planting, then soaked in fresh running water for 10-12 hours. Try to avoid high temperatures, as Anemones like the soil to be 12-15 degrees for optimum germination.

Also known as Poppy Anemone Lord Lieutenant, Spanish Marigold Lord Lieutenant, Windflower Lord Lieutenant, or Anemone coronaria ‘Lord Lieutenant’.

Blue-purple colour. 15 bulbs per pack.