Apple Triple Braeburn/Royal Gala/Splendour

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Three varieties on one tree that provides you with a longer fruiting season and are perfect for training as espalier if you wish. Plant in a sunny, sheltered position where soils are moist especially during the growing season and when in fruit, fertile and free-draining. Prune as required.

Braeburn produce large fruit that are green and overlaid with red stripes. Has crisp, firm, juicy flesh with an excellent sweet, tangy flavour. A late season variety that has good storage qualities.

Royal Gala is a well-known variety with crisp firm flesh that is sweet and juicy. Produces regular heavy crops of medium sized fruit that is a mid-season being ready to harvest in and around April.

Splendour is an excellent flavoured fruit, perfectly sweet and of low acidity. Large pink-red apple with crisp, crunchy white flesh. Late-season and stores well.