Apple Quadruple,Espalier BB/GS/PR/RG – 35Ltr

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We now have quadruple apples available that are perfect to train into espalier. This combination consists of the following –

Braeburn – a delicious variety that is crisp, juicy and has a great sweet-tart flavour. Regarded as a good keeper and is a late season variety that is self-fertile.

Granny Smith – produces medium to large green fruit with crisp, juicy, tart white flesh. A good producing variety that are excellent keepers and suitable for most climates. Late season and self-fertile.

Pacific Rose – This is a mid-season variety with its distinct rose-pink coloured skin and with crisp, juicy white flesh that has a rich, sweet flavour. A good eating variety.

Royal Gala – This is another variety that has been bred in New Zealand. Regarded as a good eating apple with  fine textured flesh that is crisp, juicy and sweet. A mid-season variety that is self-fertile.

This product is a great space saver for those who have smaller sections and they can also be used to create espalier. A kitset espalier frame is also available at an additional cost.

Plant in a sunny position where soils are fertile, moist and free-draining making sure that trees get ample water whilst in fruit.

More combinations available – see below, contact us or visit instore.