New Zealand Christmas Tree – Pohutukawa

$49.95 incl. GST

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Nothing says ‘Kiwi Christmas’ quite like a gorgeous Pohutukawa. Your recipient doesn’t even require a green-thumb for this one – the Pohutukawa, Metrosideros excelsa is as hardy as it is beautiful! The coastal plant can even withstand salt winds and poor soils – or opt to keep it as a potted plant as they grow very well in pots. You’ll receive the young plant at approximately half a metre tall, but if planted it can grow larger over time. The species is a slower grower that doesn’t require much attention or pruning

A stunning native coastal tree with bright red flowers during December. Ideal for coastal planting and areas with poor soil. Likes full sun and is tolerant of wind, dry and exposed conditions. Hardy once established but will need protection from frosts when young.