Hibiscus Hawaiian White

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Hibiscus Hawaian White (Hibiscus arnottianus) is a rounded and open evergreen large shrub or small tree, with airy to compact form. Leaves are ovate, leathery, toothed or smooth and dark green. Stealing the show blossoms huge white funnel-shaped, pinwheel flowers with pink veins and red stamens. The white flowers may change to pink, especially towards the end of the day. A beautiful contrast to the dark foliage.

Other names: Pamakani, O’ahu white hibiscus, Hau hele, Koki’o ke’oke’o.

A delightful surprise – only 1 of 2 species of hibiscuses in the world known to have fragrant flowers! Flowers have the most scent in the early morning when opening, or in the early evening before they close.

Drought tolerant.