Varieties available-

Clematis hy. Alice Fisk Wisteria blue flowers & dark brown stamens in spring & autumn.

Clematis hy. Allanah Bright red flowers from early summer to early Autumn.

Clematis hy. Andromeda Large flowers, that average 15-20cm across. The petals are white with a magenta band.

Clematis hy. Aotearoa 12.5cm across, rich violet purple flowers profusely produced in late spring and early summer.

Clematis hy. Barbara Jackman Mauve flowers 12-15cm. Petunia coloured bar & yellow anthers.

Clematis hy. Bees Jubilee Wide flowers with mauve pink tepals. Spring to late summer.

Clematis hy. Belle of Taranaki Double flower, inner tepals blue with red stripe, outer deep blue.

Clematis hy. Belle of Woking Silvery mauve, open, double flowers from early to late Summer. Ideal for training. 2.4m

Clematis hy. Comtesse de Bouchaud Satin-rose flowers in open clusters throughout summer.

Clematis hy. Dr Ruppel Wide deep rose pink tepals. Free flowering spring & summer.

Clematis hy. Duchess of (Duchess of Edinburgh)Double white flowers. Early summer & autumn. Grows to 2.4m, enjoys a warm situation

Clematis hy. Elsa Spath Rounded flowers with mid blue tepals. Spring to autumn.

Clematis hy. Ernest Markham ★★★ Magenta roundish flowers. Mid summer to autumn.

Clematis hy. Fireworks Blue flowers with deep magenta strips during Spring & Summer.

Clematis hy. Gillian Blades Large white flowers. Sepals have light blue tinge & crinkled edge.

Clematis hy. Guernsey Cream Flowers rich yellow cream with deeper stamens, Spring & Autumn.

Clematis hy. Gypsy Queen ★★★ Deep violet-purple tepals. Early to late spring.

Clematis hy. H. F. Young Wedgewood blue with pale yellow anthers. Early to late spring.

Clematis hy. Hagley Hybrid ★★ Soft pink flowers with red anthers.

Clematis hy. Haku Ookan ★★ Violet blue with yellow stamens. Late spring & summer.

Clematis hy. Henryii ★★★ White flowers 15 – 20 cm across. Mid summer to autumn.

Clematis hy. Horn of Plenty ★★★★ Rich purple tepals and deep purple-red anthers.

Clematis hy. John Warren Large, pale silvery-pink flowers with a deeper pink stripe and red stamens

Clematis hy. Kathleen Dunford Semi-double purplish-pink tepals. Early summer & autumn.

Clematis hy. Ken Donson ★★ Large, soft violet-blue flowers from late spring to summer.

Clematis hy. Lady Betty Balfour Wide flowers overlapping purple-blue tepals. Late summer & autumn.

Clematis hy. Lawsoniana ★★★ Star-like, lavender blue tepals. Late summer/autumn.

Clematis hy. Louise Rowe ★★ Pale mauve to nearly white tepals. Early to late summer.

Clematis hy. Marie Boisselot ★★★ Rounded flowers of overlapping creamy-white tepals.

Clematis hy. Monte Cassino Large 10-15cm glowing red flowers with contrasting cream anthers.

Clematis hy. Mrs P.B. Truax Periwinkle blue with pale yellow anthers. Early spring/late summer.

Clematis hy. Myojo Compact variety, large Voilet-purple flowers with dark bar.

Clematis hy. Nelly Moser Wide flowers with pale mauve tepals. Late spring to autumn.

Clematis hy. Nelly Moser – Double ★★ Pale lilac-pink with a deep rose-pink bar in the center. .

Clematis hy. Pink Champagne Purplish-pink flowers, darker at margins. Flowers in spring.

Clematis hy. Pink Fantasy ★★ Pale pink flowers with darker bar throughout the Summer.

Clematis hy. Prince Charles ★★ Compact with mauve pale petals. Mid summer & Autumn.

Clematis hy. Queen Alexandra Silvery lavender flowers with cream stamens late Spring and Autumn.

Clematis hy. Ramona ★★★ Star-like, lavender blue petals tinted rosy pink. Summer.

Clematis hy. Richard Pennell Rich purple flowers with golden anthers. Late spring/early autumn.

Clematis hy. Romantika ★★ Dark violet purple flowers, yellow anthers.

Clematis hy. Rooguchi Rich shiny purple, deeply ribbed bell shaped flowers with silvery-purple margins, yellow anthers .Summer and autumn flowering.

Clematis hy. Rouge Cardinal ★★ Rounded velvety crimson flowers. Mid summer to autumn.

Clematis hy. Scartho Gem ★★ Pretty pink overlapping petals. Early and late summer.

Clematis hy. Sir Garnet Wolseley ★★★ Rounded mauve blue flowers. Earliest flowering.

Clematis hy. Sunset Large ruby rosy-mauve flowers freely produced in summer.

Clematis hy. The President Compact rich purple-blue petals. Long flowering.

Clematis hy. Veronicas Choice Pale mauve-lavender petals. Flowering early to late summer.

Clematis hy. Ville de Lyon ★★ Rounded bright crimson flowers. Early summer to autumn.

Clematis hy. Violet Elizabeth Double delicate mauve pink flowers early summer to autumn.

Clematis hy. Vyvyan Pennell ★★ Lilac mauve with greenish tinge. Flowers all summer.

Clematis hy. W.E Gladstone Large pale blue flowers. Flowering summer to early autumn.

Clematis hy. Wadas Primrose Flowers with large cream yellow flowers in early summer.

Clematis hy. Warsaws Nike Rich purple flowers from Spring through to Autumn.

Clematis hy. Will Goodwin Clear mid-blue overlapping petals. Early summer to autumn.

Clematis hy. William Keay ★★ Rich carmine flowers from spring to autumn.

Clematis hy. William Kennett Rounded pale lavender-blue flowers with overlapping petals.

Clematis hy. Ross Star – Has pale pink and white flowers