Apple Triple Splendour/Golden Delicious/Royal Gala

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Get three varieties on one tree, provides over a longer period and helps save spce in the garden. Best grown in a sunny, sheltered position where soils are moist, fertile and free-draining. Suitable for training as an espalier.

Apple Royal Gala is a mid-season variety with fine textured flesh that is crisp, sweet and juicy. They are reasonably self-fertile and ready to harvest in and around April.

Apple Golden Delicious is a late season variety with yellow-green skin and flesh that is crisp ans sweet, especially when tree ripened. Self-fertile and produces regular heavy crops of fruit that are usually ready to harvest in May.

Apple Splendour is another late season variety producing large fruit with creamy, very crisp flesh that is sweet and low-acid. Ready to harvest in May and they are good keepers.