The World FAMOUS N12 P5 K14 all-round Garden Fertiliser used by generations of successful gardeners!

Nitrophoska Blue Fertiliser

Ideal for vegetables, shrubs, trees, flowers including strawberries and more.

What is NPK?

nitro nNitrogen: for thicker, richer, greener foliage growth.
nitro pPhosphorous: for superior root development & growth.
nitro kPotassium: for better flower bud formation and fruit.
nitro teTrace Elements: for better overall plant health.


Many plants including vegetables and fruit are chloride sensitive, leading to reduced crop yields and growth performance. 
Excess Chloride may lead to a reduction of organic acids resulting in a flat tasting crop. Excess Chloride is detrimental to all crops under glass including seedlings and cuttings.








All essential nutrients are contained in each and every granule making nutrients evenly available and economical to use.