Apple Double Royal Gala/Granny Smith

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Two different varieties on one tree which helps save space in the garden and provides apples over a longer fruiting season. Best grown in a sunny, sheltered position where soils are fertile, free-draining and moist especially during the growing season and when in fruit. A double combination on one tree adds variety, prolongs harvesting and helps to solves pollination issues – as well as looking fabulous with different fruit colours! Prune as required or train to create an espalier.

Royal gala are regarded as one of the World’s Best Apples with creamy-white flesh that is crisp, sweet and juicy. Typically a mid-season variety with fruit being ready to harvest in and around April. Grows to between 4.5m and 5.5m in height.

Granny Smith is a large, crisp green fruit with a white flesh and its distinctive tangy flavour becomes sweet when left on the tree for longer. The apple is a late season variety that and is great for cooking and eating, plus they store well.