FreshBite – 4 Tubes $18.00 + $6.00 freight nationwide

$27.60 incl. GST


We want to share with you the unique taste of Hawkes Bay grown apples.

Hawkes Bay is known around the world as being the ‘Fruit bowl of New Zealand` . This reputation comes from our unique climate of long hot and dry summers, rich deep alluvial soils and pure underground artesian water All these features combined help create the almost perfect area to grow apples with outstanding naturally crisp texture and intense flavour. In addition New Zealand being an Island nation is free of many pests and diseases that are prevalent in other apple producing regions around the world.

Freshbite TM apples are grown right here in Hawkes Bay , carefully picked at the optimum harvest time then washed and packed into Freshbite recyclable tubes ready for dispatch to our customers .

These tubes fit snugly into the cup holders of most car models, school bags, on the desk- take one anywhere. Next time when you feeling a little peckish reach for a Freshbite apple. These are a great natural and healthy snack that will leave you feeling great!

These are available from leading supermarkets throughout New Zealand or can be ordered online here.

2 Tubes $10.00 + $5.00 freight nationwide
4 Tubes $18.00 + $6.00 freight nationwide
24 Tubes $100.00 + $15.00 freight nationwide