Picea pungens, Blue Spruce

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The blue spruce (Picea pungens), also commonly known as green spruce, Colorado spruce, or Colorado blue spruce, is a species of spruce tree.

Amedium to large, narrow, pyramidal conifer with horizontal branching to the ground. It is an evergreen gymnosperm tree that grows 1m – 2m and has a dense crown and is conic to columnar-conic.  It is native to Montana and New Mexico. It does best in cooler climates, cannot tolerate heat and humidity.

It can be grown in average, well-drained soils in full sun, although it will tolerate some shade. This plant prefers rich, moist soil in full sunlight. Young plants should be kept consistently moist and not allowed to dry out. As the plant matures, it becomes more drought tolerant. This plant has a slow to medium growth rate. It is more drought-tolerant than other spruces. It is often utilized as a Christmas tree for its bluish color and stiff leaves for ornaments. It is often planted outside afterward as a specimen plant.