Rhaphiolepis Oriental Pearl, Indian Hawthorn

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Low-growing, evergreen shrub with a dense, compact, rounded habit. Stunning dwarf form of the Raphiolepis – Indian Hawthorn.

Producing an abundance of showy white flowers with prominent pink stamens, Indian Hawthorn blooms from early Autumn through to late Spring. Its attractive dark green glossy foliage not only contrasts well with its flowers, it also resists salt spray and fungal attacks – making it perfect for use in seaside or poolside plantings. Furthermore it sets very few seeds, a valuable trait which reduces the weed potential of this particular plant.
Indian Hawthorn is an excellent choice for pots, low hedging or mass planting. Attracting few pests and diseases it is a very easy care plant, growing in either full sun or part shade, and not fussy about soils (yet it will appreciate an application of chunky mulch). Pruning is required only to shape after flowering. Reccommended to apply a slow release fertiliser in mid Spring.